Thursday, April 12, 2012

A.....Not so "Brave " New World

To end their colossal collapse  last season.......the Atlanta Braves lost the final 5 games on their way to that historic choke job.

To begin this season.....these same Braves lost their first 4......

So really ....a 9 game losing streak.

In only their 2nd year without sure to be Hall of Famer,  Bobby Cox.....the natives in "Hot-lanta"....are getting a little restless.

We don't blame them.....

This team can't hit........the starting pitchers can only go 5 innings.....and their fielding is suspect.

Their owners?   Liberty Media?  They could care less.   They view these Braves as simply a business.     As long as the Braves turn a profit....what do wins and losses matter?

Where is Ted Turner....when you need him.

There's going to be some dark times ahead.

Better get used to it.


Panic time? Yes, for Braves

Image: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros
Getty Images
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