Monday, March 26, 2012

"Stuff"....From an Interesting Week-end

An awful lot went on these last couple of days.    It was a pleasure to a sports fan.

Some ..."stuff".......we're following....for you:



Tiger Woods Arnold Palmer Invitational

King Of The Hill: Tiger Earns First PGA Tour Win Since 2009


 Okay......but it was a "girly" dunk:

Brittney Griner Dunk

WATCH: Brittney Griner Dunks Again


Ouch!!!!! That hurt!!!!!

Mickael Pietrus Fall

Celtics Player Carried Off On Stretcher After Brutal Fall


And then there were four:

Louisville Kentucky Final Four

Kentucky vs. Louisville Is Deep-Fried Hoops Armageddon 


Really?  Hawks?  Really?   Someone actually won this game?

 Hawks Jazz

NBA's 1st 4OT Game Since 1997


R.I.P.....Bert Sugar....the best in the business:

Bert Sugar Dead Boxing Writer

Legendary Boxing Writer Dies


Note to Congress...."Butt out"!!!

Saints Defense Nfl Bounty Hearings Senate

Senator Calls Hearing To Examine Bounties In NFL


Just some interesting "stuff" think about.

You're welcome!


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