Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting Ugly....in Happy Valley

 It makes you want to puke......

Some details from the grand jury report......courtesy of Yahoo Sports:

At a news conference, Noonan and Kelly were peppered with questions about whether Paterno was given details about what graduate assistant Mike McQueary— now the team’s wide receivers coach—saw on the night of March 1, 2002.

The grand jury report said McQueary was in the locker room that night to put away some new sneakers when he heard “rhythmic, slapping sounds” and looked into the showers.

He reportedly saw a naked boy, about 10 years old, with his hands against the wall as Sandusky subjected him to anal sex. McQueary left immediately and first contacted his father before calling Paterno the next morning and then meeting at Paterno’s home.

We have a few questions.....

2002???? Are you kidding us???   This is 9 years old......and just coming out?

Why didn't this McQueary dude take baseball bat into the showers and f*** this guy up?

Why didn't this McQueary dude.....simply call 911?

And why is this McQueary dude.....still on the Penn State coaching staff.

Innocent little boys.......

We feel everybody and anybody remotely connected to the situation should be gone.....

Joe Paterno included.......this scandal......reeks!

From Yahoo.com:

Time for Joe to go

Joe Paterno
US Presswire
Joe Paterno reportedly will soon be out as Penn State coach, and the question is: Why wait?  

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