Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What ......Not to wear to Work

This story could only come ....from the south.   As in SEC country.  College football fanatics.


Courtesy of Caroline Howard....of Forbes magazine:

Renee Gork And What Not To Wear To Work

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Announced via Twitter: Renee Gork shared the news that she was fired yesterday from KAKS, an Arkansas radio station that calls itself Hogs Sports Radio, for sporting a University of Florida Gators cap at an Arkansas Razorbacks news conference on Saturday.

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino called her out after answering one of her lobs: ”And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on,” Petrino said.

As explanation, Gork, an alumni of UF, said she “grabbed the hat without thinking because it was raining outside.” She also said she sent a letter of apology to the university and Petrino. “Was hoping to publicly apologize to coach Petrino and UA fans on the show today … but I won’t get that chance,” Gork wrote on KAKS’ Twitter account. “I’ve been fired.”

According to the Associated Press, KAKS isn’t commenting other than saying Gork is no longer working at the station, adding, “This radio station is Hog Sports Radio. We are very biased. We support the Razorbacks 100%.”

ForbesWoman recently ran a story titled, “What Not To Wear To Work,” covering such conundrums as business versus casual attire and fashion faux pas such as wearing too revealing (cleavage) and sloppy  (torn hemline) clothing. “Even though there aren’t many hard and fast rules anymore, you need to scrutinize your image because that’s the memory you leave behind when you leave the room,” advises Marion Gellatly, president of Powerful Presence, a Pebble Beach, Calif.-based image consultancy.

Who would’ve thunk that donning a competitor’s logo belonged on the list?
The last  high-profile wardrobe firing we reported on was Citibank employee, Debrahlee Lorenzana, who claimed she was let go for being too sexy.

The memory that Gork left was obviously too much for KAKS–and Petrino, whose team lost to the Gators last season 23-20.

Inconsideration or a fireable offense? What do you think?

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