Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Trails......Mike Woodson

We knew this was coming....

Mike Woodson .......was fired today and will no longer be coaching your Atlanta Hawks.

Mike Woodson timeline

July 2004: GM Billy Knight hires Mike Woodson, a Pistons assistant, to coach the Hawks.

April 2005: Hawks finish season 13-69, their worst record in franchise history.

August 2005: Trade with Phoenix for Joe Johnson, delayed by Hawks ownership squabble, finally is completed.

April 2006: Hawks finish season 26-56.

April 2007: Hawks finish season 30-52.

March 2008: AJC reports Knight had tried to fire Woodson more than once but was rebuffed by owners.

April 2008: Hawks qualify for playoffs despite 37-45 record; lose seven-game series to Boston, the eventual NBA champion.

May 2008: Knight resigns; Rick Sund hired as successor

June 2008: Sund signs Woodson to two-year contract.

April-May 2009: Hawks finish season 47-35; beat Miami in first round before being swept by Cleveland in Eastern Conference semifinals.

July 2009: Sund says Woodson won't be offered contract extension, per Sund's policy.

April-May, 2010: Hawks finish 53-29, the fifth-best record in franchise history; beat Milwaukee in first round before losing 4-0 to Orlando in East semifinals by total margin of 101 points, an NBA record.

May 14, 2010: Hawks announce Woodson won't be offered a new contract.

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