Thursday, July 23, 2009

When.....We....Become....the News...

Here we are........My step-son........My ex-wife.........My daughter's oldest brother......

When we become news..........It is time to take a step back. For we are plainly simple folks...We don't like .....or need .....drama. This needless .......killing me.

Why? we called him........was a special child....a first born. Yvonne's first. He made mistakes........he paid for all of them...serving time, etc..........He made himself into a business man....And he made all of us proud.

From the New York Daily News..........

Brooklyn businessman found slain; wife says she heard shots

Thursday, July 23rd 2009, 4:00 AM


Relatives and friends were overcome by the death of Louis Burch (below), who was shot and killed by his home in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, Tuesday.

Brooklyn businessman Louis Burch told his wife he needed to buy aspirin for a headache, walked out of his home and climbed into his Land Rover parked a block away.

But the SUV never moved.

Investigators believe Burch, 36, was shot and killed moments after he left his Flatlands home at 9 p.m. Tuesday, even though his body was not found until Wednesday morning.

The motive for the murder remains unknown, and no witnesses have come forward, police sources said.

The dead man's widow, Serena Vasquez-Burch, told investigators she thought she heard gunshots moments after her husband left their E. 53rd St. home but did not go outside to check.

That enraged the dead man's mother.

"I find it very hard to believe that your husband went out, you heard a gunshot, and you don't even look out the window," said Yvonne McDuffie.

A police source said detectives were looking into the couple's "rocky marriage," but Vasquez-Burch is not a suspect at this point.

She was cooperating with investigators, the source said. Vasquez-Burch refused to speak to reporters yesterday.

Burch's relatives said he served nearly a decade in prison for assault but had been clean since his release in the late 1990s and was making money "flipping" old houses.

Investigators were checking into some of his recent business dealings - and one of Vasquez-Burch's relatives said she feared for her safety.

"We're all very afraid [and] we think someone might be trying to hurt us," said the woman, who would not give her name. "If they hurt Louis, they'll probably come back for us too."

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