Thursday, July 16, 2009

NASCAR........Goes Hollywood.......Sort of.....

We very, rarely get into the NASCAR scene......but.........

Recent events surrounding one of their drivers feuds........have gotten us to pay heed.

We present.......the Jeremy Mayfield Saga: (Courtesy of the NASCAR Nation Union web site)

5/9/2009: Jeremy Mayfield tests positive for something just minutes before the Southern 500. NASCAR has not revealed the substance, but all we know is that he is suspended indefinitely, and the only way back is rehab.

Week of 5/11/2009 to 5/15/2009: Mayfield claims that Claritan D is the drug responsible for his positive test. Dr. David Black of Aegis Science Corporation, the company responsible for all NASCAR drug tests, calls bull**** on that claim.

5/29/2009: One week after quite possibly the worst Memorial Day weekend in auto racing EVER, Mayfield decided to use the Glenn Dunnaway* method and sue NASCAR for his reinstatement. Mecklenberg County would host, but NASCAR requested it to move it to federal court a few days later. Request granted. The trial is set for July 1st.

5/29/2009: That same date, the drugs are revealed. Well, two of three. Claritan-D (duh), and Adderall.

6/5/2009: NASCAR countersued Mayfield for $150K, citing that he willfully violated the drug policy, breach of contract, defrauding competitor's earnings, and pissing off fans who don't know who to believe.

6/9/2009: ESPN's Ryan McGee confirmed with two independent sources that the drug Mayfield took is methamphetamine.

6/10/2009: I believed that some drugs, including Adderall, the drug Mayfield took, can produce false positives, and I was with Mayfield...for ten minutes. He claimed that the fumes suffered from a Talladega wreck back in April caused meth-like substances in his body. If the engine were to blow up right in front of my face on my way to a lab to get drug tested for a job, I would have failed already according to his logic. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

6/16/2009: NASCAR released a statement saying that an "expert" witness lied when asked about Mayfield's creditionals. Dr. Harvey MacFerenstein falsely represented himself on six counts on the May 29th hearing. NASCAR also said that Dr. MacFerenstein had no credentials to state that he is a doctor. WOOPS.

6/17/2009: On top of the drug lawsuit, Mayfield's suppliers, Triad Racing Technologies and BDR Acquisition, sues Mayfield for over $84K. Maybe he should have taken rehab after all at this point, huh?

6/18/2009: Dr. MacFerenstein says that he told Mayfield's attorney incorrect qualifications in an affidavit and John Buric (Mayfield's lawyer) assured him that they were correct. *sigh* Which is worse, Brett Favre's "retirement" plans or this?

UPDATE 7/1/09: Jeremy Mayfield won the temporary reinstatement so that he can race in NASCAR again.

UPDATE 7/2/09: Yet his car was not ready for Daytona.

UPDATE 7/9/09: And Chicagoland. Mayfield stated that he's not entering any races so he can focus to get a permanent reinstatement to NASCAR. Yeah, right.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddddd.....NASCAR says that Mayfield tested positive for meth AGAIN and wants the judge to reverse the temporary reinstatement. gets even better.....News that just hit today:

Now the "step-mom" speaks,

"I saw Jeremy using methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least 30 times during the seven years I was around him," she said.


Jeremys' response..........

“I don’t trust anything NASCAR does, anything Dr. David Black does, never have, never will,” Mayfield told The Associated Press in a phone interview. Black is the administrator for NASCAR’s drug-testing program. “And they picked the wrong woman to use against me because that (whore) is trash and has got nothing on me but lies.”

According to documents, Lisa Mayfield said she first saw the driver use meth in 1998 at a race shop in Mooresville, N.C. She said Mayfield cooked his own drugs until the ingredient pseudoephedrine was taken off the shelves and it became too difficult for Mayfield to obtain the ingredients. She said her stepson then began to purchase meth from others.

“Between 1998 and 2005, I am personally aware that Jeremy used methamphetamines often,” she said in her affidavit. “I was concerned about his heavy use and talked to his father about it. I saw Jeremy use methamphetamine by snorting it up his nose at least 30 times during the 7 years I was around him. Jeremy used methamphetamine not only in my presence, but also when we were both in the presence of others.”

Mayfield contested his stepmother’s account.

“She’s tried everything she can do to get money out of me. I won’t help her, so I guess she found a way to get money from NASCAR by giving them an affidavit full of lies,” he said.

Well........that's our NASCAR story.....and we're sticking with it.

A lot more entertaining than making 200 left a 500 hundred mile race.

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