Thursday, June 11, 2009

PETA..........and .......Dead Fish.......

Those "PETA" people.....

Are at it again.......Those folks........whom the average pet loving American.....would love to admire what they stand for, ( Ethical Treatment of Animals).'s stunts like this one which distances many of us away from their cause.

PETA...........Michael Vick's worst nightmare.....has a new whipping boy. The fish Seattle, Washington.

From UPI:

PETA criticizes Seattle's famed fish toss

SEATTLE, June 10 (UPI) -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says the fish tossing that occurs at Seattle's Pike Place Market is unacceptable.

The animal rights organization told the American Veterinary Medical Association it should rethink its plan for a Pike Place Fish Market demonstration at an upcoming Seattle convention, The Seattle Times said Wednesday.

The organization told the veterinary group in a letter the practice of fish tossing makes fish appear like toys and therefore is an unacceptable practice for individuals who care for animals.

Lindsay Rajt, a PETA spokeswoman in Norfolk, said compassion should be shown by veterinarians.

Justin Hall, a Pike Place Fish Market assistant manager, said workers at the market respect the fish they toss around for customer and tourist amusement as the animals represent their livelihood.

Huh???? Can they really be serious???? And how can they expect normal people to ever take their causes serious........again.

Here's a few reader comments on this article:

anonymous · 23 hours ago

this is absolutely stupid. the fish are already dead! next thing they'll say is cremating dead people is wrong because they are being burned.... they're dead, PETA! get over it... I'm part of PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals... whats wrong with dinner and a show?

Fishy in Seattle · 22 hours ago

Are you kidding me? Doesn't PETA have anything else to busy themselves with than this? If you don't want to see the fish thrown, then don't come to Seattle.

Claudine Erlandson · 4 hours ago

PETA is definitely right. You wouldn't be throwing dead dogs and cats or dead babies, perhaps only Nazis might have done that or in some genocides. Furthermore we are talking veterinarians for heaven's sake, they are supposed to protect animal's lives! We must respect all creatures, dead or alive!

get real · 22 minutes ago

I can't believe p.e.t.a. is waisting there time on DEAD, let me say that again 'DEAD' fish. They are protesting the fish mongers (people that throw the 'DEAD' fish at the market) What a waste of energy, why aren't they in every kill shelter in the United States... how bout the sea lions KILLING our salmon here in the Northwest... get real P.E.T.A. much bigger battles out there to fight...

You knew there had to be one "PETA" nut case.....

This is why ..........there is a very good chance.....our Michael Vick .....may never, ever don an NFL uniform.

It they can do this to ......."fish throwing" vendors in Seattle.....Vick.....doesn't stand a chance.

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  1. I like what the one reader wrote, PETA, people eating tasty animals. Obviously, the PETA people need to get a life.


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