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We came across this.....from the "Orlando Sentinel"......

Obviously.......the Orlando fans.....are ..........a bit the NBA...

New to the Orlando Magic bandwagon? Here's a guide for new fans

A beginner's guide to following Orlando Magic games in the NBA Finals.

Why are the Magic playing the Los Angeles Lakers?

The Magic, after beating Philadelphia, Boston and Cleveland, are now champions of the Eastern Conference. The Lakers beat Utah, Houston and Denver in the Western Conference. The best in the East always plays the best in the West for the NBA title.

How come the first two games are in LA ?

The games are in a two-three-two format -- two games in LA, three games in Orlando and the last two in LA. The team with the best season record has the home-team advantage for the series and Game 7. The Lakers had a better season record than Orlando. That means Game 7 -- if needed -- will be in L.A.

What's the deal with the one sleeve worn by some players?

It's an accessory that some believe may keep their arms loose. Allen Iverson started the trend in 2000 when he kept wearing what looked like an oversized-compression bandage on his arm after having elbow surgery. Other players, including Howard and Magic forward Mickael Pietrus, followed. You can now buy one for $20 online.

Why is there a 24-second clock over the basketball hoop?

The team with the basketball has 24 seconds to shoot the ball, which has to hit at least the rim of the basket. If the clock runs out, a shot-second violation is called and the other team gets the ball. And while the clock, like all of them, can be cruel, it can be brought down. Orlando's Dwight Howard broke the clock with a first-quarter dunk before a recent playoff game at Cleveland.

What does "in the paint" mean?

"The paint" is the area directly in front of the basket that is painted a different color. It runs from the free-throw line to the baseline under the basket. When Dwight Howard scores, he adds to the Magic's points "in the paint."

What's the backcourt and front court?

When the Magic have the ball, the backcourt is the half of the court where the Lakers' basket is. The frontcourt is where the Magic's basket is. Backcourt also refers to guards and frontcourt to forwards and centers. If someone says, "The Magic dominated in the backcourt," it means the Magic's guards outplayed the Laker guards.

The announcer shouts something about scoring off the dribble. What does "off the dribble" mean?

That's sports-talk for shooting the ball after dribbling.

TV commentators and coaches are wearing lapel pins with the initials "CD" on them. What is that for?

It's to honor former Detroit Pistons and former Magic coach Chuck Daly, a Hall of Fame coach who died last month.

How did Dwight Howard get the "Superman" nickname?

He wore a Superman costume when he won the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Contest at the all-star game. The nickname seemed to fit so it stuck.

You may have noticed a number of NBA players have their heads adorned with headbands (no matter how dorky they look). None of the Orlando Magic players wears them. Is that by choice?

The Magic's general manager bans the team's players from wearing the sweat-catchers. The reason: It's not part of the standard uniform so it's not needed. Other teams, such as the Chicago Bulls, also have a no-headband rule. (Orlando's Courtney Lee was given an exception since he has to wear a mask to protect his face after sinus surgery.)

Is a technical foul really technical?

A referee can call a technical foul on a slew of things: if a coach mouths off too much to a referee; if a player's conduct is unsportsmanlike; if a coach runs out onto the court without permission; if a player spouts a really bad profanity; if a team is delaying the game. It's really whatever the referee wants. The penalty: The other team gets one or two free throws and then gets the ball.

What about a "double-dribble." Does that mean a player needs an extra tissue?

Nope. It's when the player dribbles the ball and stops and holds it with both hands and then dribbles again. The player has to either attempt to make a basket or pass the ball to another player.

Why are all the coaches and injured players sidelined so dressed up at a basketball game?

The NBA has a dress code. Yep. Coaches and (ineligible) players on the team bench have to wear suit coats and dress shoes at the game. They can go "business casual" later when leaving the arena.

I thought goal tending was a position in soccer. It's not?

Goal tending is when an opposing player interferes with the ball -- bats it out of the way -- when it's touching the rim or on its way down into the basket. If that happens, the shooting team automatically gets two points if it was shot within the two-point area and three points if it was shot outside the three-point line.

How do those lucky members of the public get to sit court side?

Magic folks say they are mainly season-ticket holders and corporate sponsors. A few tickets are held back for a mere $375 to $800 a seat, according to the Magic. Online sites, such as, have court-side seats at $10,000.

So there..........Basketball 101 ..........learn it!

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