Monday, July 28, 2008

Things......... Learned From the Week-end

Here comes the NFL.......'s back! Saturday, teams all cross the country started up their training camps......Those dreaded "two-a-days"............morning and afternoon practices and drills.

The pre-season begins this Sunday, in Canton, Ohio, with the Indianapolis Colts against the Washington Redskins.

Welcome sure were missed!

Blowing it Philly..........

The Atlanta Braves scored 27 runs in the 3 game series in Philadelphia. I'm not a math major, but that comes to 9 runs per game and puts your team in positions to win. Unless you are the Braves........

Saturday, the Bravos blew a 6 run lead, and lost, 10-9. Sunday, it was a 5 run lead which evaporated ..........resulting in a 12-10 loss on the field and the loss of All-star catcher Brian McCann (right).

Atlanta can take solace in going 3-3 on this road trip. But they will look back on those two recent losses.......and think what might have been.

Andruw Jones........benched!

This is what happens when you're batting .166, have only 2 home runs, and a measly 12 rbi's.

From Yahoo Sports:

Andruw Jones finally reached a point on Sunday when his $36.2 million contract was no longer enough to save him from a benching.

Jones, the Dodgers' colossally slumping center fielder, was replaced in the lineup by Andre Ethier, who had sat out the first two games after Juan Pierre's return from the disabled list because the Dodgers were facing left-handed starting pitchers in both of those games. Jones went 1 for 6 in those games, doubling once but hitting no other ball out of the infield.

"I just needed to get Andre in the lineup, and Matt (Kemp) is hitting really well," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. "Right now, we're going with the hot hands. I think you have to keep everyone as sharp as you can and get them as much playing time as you can. ...More

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