Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hump Day ...News & Views

 It is a "Hump Day" this small, southern college town...known as Athens, Georgia.  About 60 miles northeast of the city of Atlanta.


You know...."The Dirty South"!

Spring is here.  So is the pollen that "yellows" everything in its path.

But it is April...with all its showers.  Will it bring ...May Flowers?

Quick trivia.   What did the May Flower bring?


Yes....we digress.  So.....let's do some "humping" on things that do matter!

If a game is played...and nobody watched...Did it happen?  With everything going on in Baltimore....this game was played....without spectators:

This Is How The Orioles-White Sox Game Sounded And Felt

And you had no right to be at the scene of a murder...Mr. Lewis?  Just shut up!
Ray Lewis To Baltimore Rioters: 'You Have No Right To Do What You're Doing'
 Yeah...but it's ugly!

Atlanta Hawks Employ Some Of The Most Beautiful, Unstoppable Offense

And on the lighter side...

Man Dressed As Giant Testicles Runs The London Marathon

Interesting week....Our Atlanta Hawks are struggling against an 8 seed.   Riots in Baltimore.  The NFL draft starts tomorrow....
We have a lot to post about!
Have a great "Hump Day"! 

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