Friday, March 27, 2015

When You Wake a Sleeping...Giant...Bad Things Happen!

As "March Madness" continues ...Let us look back on last night's Sweet Sixteen match-up between the #1 team in the land... and this upstart West Virginia squad.

Kentucky...Big Blue.

West Virginia.

Supposed to be just another game...but?   This freshman from UWVA  starts mouthing off.  First he said, " Kentucky might be 36-0..but after tonight,  they will be 36-1."

Okay...fine.   You must maintain confidence at this level.   But...he went on,  " Kentucky don't play hard ".

Why would he open up this can of "kick-ass"?  As if they needed more motivation....The Big Blue proceeded to utterly destroy West Virginia. the way?  That loud mouth freshman?  Well ...he had ZERO points....and hid in the bathroom from reporters after the game!

Here's the skinny:

Total Domination!

Kentucky vs West Virginia
Sweet Sixteen
Final - Thursday, March 26, 9:45 PM
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
5West Virginia


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