Monday, April 21, 2014

Things From the Week-end...That Was

It is a gorgeous spring day in this small, southern, college town.   Temps in the upper 70's...No humidity.

No flies...or pesky insects.

Absolutely wonderful.   Wish we could can these type days and open them up when the rainy season  overwhelms us.

Anyway...some "stuff" ...that made us pay attention to sports these past 2 days.

From our friends at the Huffington Post:

We still love a good baseball fight...Even if no punches are thrown:

WATCH: Fight Breaks Out After Brewers All-Star's Triple

Pirates Brewers
So Missing Craig Sager:

WATCH: TNT Crew, Popovich Pay Tribute To Craig Sager

Craig Sager

 Blake an idiot!

Accident? Blake Spilled Water All Over Warriors Fan

Happy Trails....Hurricane!

Famous Boxer Wrongly Convicted Of Murder Dies

Rubin Hurricane Carter
And....finally...Check out Sir Charles' reaction to the Indiana Pacers loss to the 8th seeded  Atlanta Hawks:


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