Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting no Love....in the ATL

There is a championship game to be played on Sunday...between the Atlanta Falcons and the San Francisco Giants.   

The talking heads of the world wide leader (ESPN) cannot control themselves gawking uncontrollably over the 49ners.   According to most everyone....the Falcons don't stand a chance.  San Fran has better players....a better coach...a better QB....a better defense.

This is the same 49ner team that went into New York and got destroyed by the Giants.  Oh...by the way...the Falcons beat these same Giants,   34-0.   This is the same 49ner team the Seattle Sea Hawks humiliated a few weeks ago.   (See last week)  The Falcons shut out Seattle 20-0 in the first half  on the way to....yes a win.

Atlanta is went 13-3 this season...best in the NFL.   Home field advantage is theirs.  

Let San Fran get the headlines.....the magazine covers.   Come Sunday,  Falcons....hit 'em in the mouth.....repeatedly!   Then....hit 'em again.   Then step on their neck until they puke!

I have a feeling the "Dirty Birds" will play with so much intensity ......so much energy....

The Dome will be rocking!

Let them have their SI cover.....The ATL will have the last laugh.


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