Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Wow!   Has it really been eleven years?

Do you remember where you were?   What you were doing?

I remember.   Went to work that morning with the news that some idiot plane ran into one of the World Trade Center buildings.   Then things started to unravel.   Another plane hit.   Then another at the Pentagon.

The Mall I was in ....closed....shut down.    And for the next 24 hours my eyes were glued to the television.   It was the first and only time in my life time that all 300 + cable channels and regular channels were carrying the coverage of the event that forever changed our life style and country...the United States of America.

The country was united.   There were no Republicans or Democrats.   We were all Americans who shared this horrific tragedy.

We remember.....yesterday:

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  1. My heart broke when I saw the second plane hit the first tower. My heart melted when the first tower fell. My heart broke and sank when the second tower fell. I will never forget that day.



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