Friday, June 24, 2011

R.I.P. Peter Falk

We knew him the lovable detective......Columbo.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Associated Press
The actor who became an enduring television icon portraying Lt. Columbo, the rumpled raincoat-wearing L.A. police homicide detective, died at his Beverly Hills home. Photos

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  1. Peter Falk was the lovable detective
    he portrayed so brilliantly ....i grew up in 1980s 1990s with peter in Columbo
    he really captured the hearts esp mine

    he will be so missed by all ..he was a brilliant actor for those dont know Columbo is being shown on itv3
    he so handsome charming charisma

    i also seen him on youtube with Frank sinatra and Dean Martin Peter Falk is a legend
    he had them in stiches also me aswell

    he is so loved and will be so missed by all
    my condolances to his family

    Peter Falk is the best Lt Detective on our tv sets
    I carry a torch for Peter in Columbo ..since i was in my teens ....he so charming charisma

    i was so saddened about his passing but im a christian /spiritual person believe Peter in Heaven ..... as long as they keep showing Columbo on itv3 that a comfort in that ...

    he never be forgotten he will live on in the fans hearts those he captured eps mine

    love xxx rest in peace mate

    Tracy xox


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