Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love & Divorce......NBA Style

Another NBA ....marriage gone bad.

Another sports superstar forced to give up .....half.

Another ex-wife.....who will walk away with millions.......

Another sad ...."Manville", USA......


Shaq and Wife Reach Divorce Settlement

Shaq and Wife Reach Divorce SettlementShaquille O'Neal and his estranged wife, Shaunie have reached a settlement in their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Shaunie's mega-lawyer, Sorrell Trope, tells TMZ Shaq and Shaunie have reached agreement on all terms of the divorce, including property, custody and support.

Under the agreement, the Florida courts will have jurisdiction to officially divorce the couple. In addition, a Florida judge will handle any issues that may arise involving property division and spousal support.

Trope tells TMZ the California courts will have jurisdiction over any issues related to child custody.

As we first reported, Shaunie filed for legal separation in California back in November, just days after moving to L.A. with their kids. We've learned Shaunie just filed a petition to dismiss the separation action.


  1. Beautiful woman and I'm sure she is an awesome mom! Shaq must be blind and not see what God has blessed him with! Hot wife and beautiful children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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