Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Your Average Joe

No.......not "that" Joe...

As in "Joe the Plumber".......That Joe is officially off the radar. With the 2008 election over and done with, we can get back to doing the one thing we were put on this earth to do....that's talk sports.

Let's talk about Joe Johnson and his high flying Atlanta Hawks. A year ago these young birds made the play-offs for the first time in a decade and took the eventual NBA champion Boston Celtics to 7 games.

The off-season saw the Hawks lose free agent forward Josh Childress Greece ....of all places the European league.

Usher in 2008.......with the youngest team in the league.....these guys are 3-0.....with 2 of those wins coming on the road.

Going into last night, Johnson was the leagues leading scorer at 30 points a game. After San Antonio's Tony Parker dropped a double nickel (55) on Minnesota.....Johnson is 2nd.

This is the Hawks best start since 1997....and last nights win was against a previously unbeaten New Orleans Hornets team. is early.......No....I am not yet on that bandwagon .....But after so many disappointing losing seasons.......there is reason to hope.

Pro basketball has not been relevant in Atlanta since the days of Dominique Wilkins and Doc Rivers playing at the old Omni.

To these young Hawks........The City of Atlanta says, "Welcome back".....

Meet the Hawks:

Coach: Mike Woodson
Average Age: 24.8
Average Height: 6-6
Average Weight: 227

33 Randolph Morris22C6-1127501/02/1986Kentucky
27 Zaza Pachulia24C6-1127502/10/1984No College
15 Al Horford22PF6-1024506/03/1986Florida
44 Solomon Jones24PF6-1024507/16/1984South Florida
1 Maurice Evans29SF6-522011/08/1978Texas
50 Othello Hunter22SF6-822505/28/1986Ohio State
5 Josh Smith22SF6-924012/05/1985No College
24 Marvin Williams22SF6-924006/19/1986North Carolina
10 Mike Bibby30PG6-219505/13/1978Arizona
12 Speedy Claxton30PG5-1117005/08/1978Hofstra
4 Acie Law23PG6-320201/25/1985Texas A&M
22 Ronald Murray29PG6-320007/29/1979Shaw
3 Thomas Gardner23SG6-522502/08/1985Missouri
2 Joe Johnson27SG6-724006/29/1981Arkansas
6 Mario West24SG6-521006/19/1984Georgia Tech

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