Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hump Day News & Views

And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us...

Leave it to always try to make a point. Yes, Beijing, which is hosting this year's Olympics......has a slight smog problem. Seems the air might be a tad unsafe at times.

Well, our USA cycling team arrived Wednesday wearing black pollution masks. Of course, this immediately pissed off all of China.

Has the cycling team ever heard the term "Ugly American"? China knows it has a smog problem. They have been shutting down plants and manufacturers for months now, and didn't deserve the "rub it in your face" actions of a few snobbish, spoiled, American a

A much needed win........

The Atlanta Braves won a baseball game last night. Not a big deal. They are just playing out the string........too far out of the pennant race.

But guess who the winning pitcher was? Yep! None other than Mike Hampton himself. Hampton got his first win in about 3 years......hit an RBI double....and helped the Braves defeat the San Francisco Giants, 11-4.

With the recent loss of Brave's announcer, Skip Caray..........and the stark realization this season is was good to see a win.

And it was better to see it with Mike Hampton pitching.

Who's cover it?

Sports playing mind games with college football fans. The magazine has a long standing tradition of having different covers for different geographic regions.....B
ut come on........this is .....all south.

I've seen 2 completely different covers for the August 11th edition. Which will it be, guys?

USA Men's basketball team struggled?

Yes they did......

In it's final exhibition game against Australia, the US led by only four points midway through the third quarter and was up only seven in the fourth, but held on to win, 87-76. The Aussies rested their best player, Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut, who sat out the game.

Guys.......get real. We here at 5 on Five were bold enough to predict you would not only win the gold medal.......but dominate as well.

And dominating is not shooting 3 of 18.....from the 3 point line. Or hitting just 20 of 33 from the foul line. Let's just hope needed a game like this get it out of your system.

Some .....things...I think ........I think.......

I think it's body's hot. In this southern college town, was 99 degrees.....and humid.....and very uncomfortable.

I think ......Obama needs to lighten up with all the TV every ten minutes it seems. All it's doing is pissing off the conservatives......don't peak too early.....Save it for November, man.

I don't think my "DIRECTV" likes the heat either....several channels are digitally .....screwed up in the heat of the day......only to come back to normal....when the sun goes down. Go figure.

I think....I'm least my eyelids are.......and the rest of me will follow.

Have a great Hump Day.

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