Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's about Time...........

You've seen him.....heard him. But you don't know him....

Let us introduce you to Mike Carey, an 18 year veteran NFL referee.....

From The Associated Press:

Mike Carey will be first black to referee Super Bowl

By Dave Goldberg
Associated Press Football Writer

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Mike Carey will become the first black referee in Super Bowl history.

Carey, in his 18th year as an official, was notified by the NFL office this week that he had the assignment for the Feb. 3 game in Mesa, Ariz.

The officials at the Super Bowl are chosen on merit, with the highest ranked at each position getting the assignment. Carey, who in his private life runs a skiing accessories company, has been among the NFL's top crew chiefs for a decade and has been a Super Bowl alternate, but has never been the referee.

Black officials have been increasing in number over the years. This season there were 26 on the 17 crews, a single-season high.

Blacks also have been well-represented in the Super Bowl at other positions, starting with Burl Toler, a former player, who was involved of several of the early games.

Carey was a college football running back for Santa Clara University and suffered an ankle injury which affects his ability to run. Today, Carey limits himself to running on the days he is scheduled to officiate games.

He is an inventor who owns or shares eight ski apparel patents, including "Cat Tracks," a protective device which he created at age 30 to slip over the sole of a ski boot, preventing damage away from the ski run. Mike Carey is married to Wendy, who is the Chief Financial Officer of Seirus. They have two two daughters, Drisana and Danica, and currently reside in San Diego, California.

On October 3, 2005, Mike and his brother, Don, an NFL official as well (back judge), became the first brothers to officiate an NFL game together when they were assigned on the same officiating crew for the game between the Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers.

Carey was the referee during a 2005-06 playoff game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins. At the conclusion of a play during this game, Redskins safety Sean Taylor spit in the face of Buccaneers running back Michael Pittman . Pittman retaliated with a slap to Taylor's helmet. Carey immediately ejected Taylor from the game, as it could be heard through a microphone attached to Carey. Head linesman Steve Stelljes conferred with Carey over Pittman's actions, but Carey decided not to penalize Pittman. When questioned about taking no action against Pittman by Redskin players, Carey said in response to being spit upon, "What would you do?" Mike Pereira, the vice president of officiating, approved of Carey's handling of the incident saying, "offsetting personal fouls would not have been appropriate". Pereira added, "If anybody didn't eject somebody for spitting in somebody's face, I'd be disappointed."

We applaud Mike for his accomplishments.......his referee style is smooth and professional. He never brings attention to himself or his crew.

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